Our mission is to increase the availability of locally and sustainably produced food. LocalLocal connects diners with food producers, retailers, and restaurants, making it easy to find authentic local food!

Eating local made easy!

LocalLocal helps you discover retailers and restaurants so you can find local, sustainable food wherever you go!


Find purveyors of local food near you


Learn about where food comes from and how it was produced


Read reviews and exchange information with a passionate online community

So many reasons to love local...

Fresher, tastier, more nutritious, and better for you.

Local food travels fewer miles, which allows it to ripen in the ground or on the vine longer. So, by buying local, you get fresher, better tasting, and more nutritious produce!

Supports family farms and small businesses.

Buying food from local farms helps preserve farmland from development and keeps more money circulating within the community.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The prevailing practices of the global industrial food system are ruinous to land and ecosystems. Building local food systems is imperative to the health of our planet.

Decentralization of the food supply.

Today the production and processing of our food is controlled largely by only a small number of corporations. Supporting smaller, regional food producers diversifies the food supply and offers consumers more choice.

Food Chain Transparency

Industrial food production emphasizes quantity over quality. LocalLocal levels the playing field by providing transparency to where food comes from and how it was produced.

Source Verification

'Local-washing' refers to the falsification or exaggeration of claims related to local sourcing. LocalLocal uses source verification to keep businesses honest.




Farms establish profiles on LocalLocal, providing pictures and descriptions of growing practices. Profiles can also include third party certifications such as USDA Organic.


When restaurants and other purveyors of local food register with LocalLocal, they list the producers from which they source ingredients.


LocalLocal sends confirmation requests to the farmers. When a farm approves the request, the sourcing relationship is verified.